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remote & in control – challenging times need a new way to work!

When going gets tough the tough get going! COVID -19 has caught many organisations in a tight spot; they need to keep the operations running at the same ensure safety and health of the employee. Many governments have imposed lockdown, which would mean Stay@ Home and work. Suddenly the operations which used to run smoothly is disrupted. The new age prescribes definite measures to be agile and ACTIVE; business continuity and disaster recovery is no more add ons but mandatory! While there are many work areas which need attention and planning to make it work remotely and ensure business continuity without compromising security and business risk, we are emphasising on 3 things which are must to have for any organisation.

1. Cloud Access through Microsoft Azure
Business Automation with Laserfiche Content Services Platform
Decision Making & Analytics through Power BI

Techpanion provides these key solutions to keep you “always on ACTIVE MODE “ no matter what the situation is!

Stay Home, Stay Safe & Stay Active!